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My city, Durres


My city, Durres

Durres, this is a city full of histoy and legends, full of archeological places, historical monuments, old castels and lots of other architectural attractions.

Also it has a beautiful coastline, with sandy beaches and a mild climate.

Durres is known as one of the largest ports in Adriatic sea and it is the origin of prominent poets or musicians, with hospitable people, always open to host friends.
But also Durres is a strange city where you can find different things in the nests of sships like old jars, a,phora, bricks or ancient tiles, similiar to those found on the wall of city castle.

Based on the history, Durres was founded as a colony by Corith in 637BC, on the basis of an Illyrian pre-urban culture, and even the name of the pre-Greek king called Epidamnus is preserved.

The city of Durres has a consolidated cultural institutions, such as burlesque theater, ensemble of folk songs and dances, and professional theater, which even today gives performances for the public.

Also in Durrës are often organized activities at national and international level, such as the international film festival, the jazz music festival, the poetry poetry contest, etc.


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