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Tourism in Elbasan


Elbasan city is one of the most known in Albania. In this city there are many cultural, historical, and natural values.
The characteristics that can be distinguish are different.

The historical environmental values are: Rrapi i Bezistanit, the Castel, The Olives field, center Garden, Busheku, monumental houses and buildings that testify historical events.
In the archeological field there are some objects like ancient working tools, household objects, artistic objects and early residential centers.

Also there are ethnografic values like handmade clothing, carvings, handi crafts and ancient jewelry.

Although there are other touristic point to visit in Elbasan.
The first one that is located at the center is the clock tower. Interesting is that the idea for the construction of such clock towers all over the center of many cities was brought by local traders in contacts with European cities.

Some others points are Rrapi i Mansit, Kroi i Kalit, Ulliri i Qejfit, Burimi i Bankes, Gurra e Labinotit, Tuneli i Mirak√ęs etc. But above all, Dumrea lakes, Elbasan Spas, and Gjinari can be distinuished for tourism.

As elsewhere, tourism in the area of Elbasan is a very important sector not only for cultural and historical value but most of all economic value.


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