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Dajti Mountain


Dajti Mountain

It is located about 20 km from center of Tirana.

Dajti Mountain is a characteristc natural reserve not only for Tirana, but for all albanian territorial.

It is called National Park since 1966 and there it can go be reached via the modern line of “Dajti Expres”, and in a few minutes you can arrive quickly and safely. Although is another way by car, the first one is the most attractive and innovative.

During the cable car trip, everyone can see the houses of the area that climbs the mountain, full of greenery, that gives pleasure to your eyes and soul.

Dajti Mountain with a height of 1613 meters, although it is not the highest mountain in Albania, offers a panoramic view. From that point you can see the whole city, and that the reason it is also called the “Balcony of Tirana”.

Dajti Aventura Park is the bbest place for kids too.

In addition to the geographical position and with the shape of the camel, the mountain is best known for its many natural activities: hiking or climbing, skiing and horseback riding.

In addition, at lunch time you can also try delicious traditional food prepared in the restaurant, especially local meat and freshwater fish caught near the Erzen or Ishm rivers.

At high altitudes the place is known that there are pines, oak forests, beech and tall trees, while at low altitudes there are thick Mediterranean shrubs such as arbutus, mimosa, brooms, myrtles, rosemary and cysts.

In summer you can enjoy the fresh air and in winter it is the snow that attract the tourists.

To visit is the Pellumbasi Cave, also known as the Black Cave which is located in the Skorana gorge, is a cave with rare karst composition with typical examples in Europe.

The remains of Dajti cave, Roman fortresses are erected approximately in the 5th century, that is a century consisting of Cultural Monuments of Albania.

So it is all on your hands where to visiti this beautiful place


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