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The best of Albania


Beautiful beaches and seashore, excellent food and an affordable portfolio economy.

These listed upon are just a small piece of this living Balkan country.

Even is becoming more popular for the tourists, Albania still remains undiscovered.

For sure there are many historical attractions and wonderful beaches, but the best reason to visit Albania is to discover yourself a completely unknown place covered in mystery after decades of isolation.

So get ready to fall in love with this beautiful country: from its capital Tirana, to crystal clear waters of the south, as to the ancient cities and breathtaking landscapes of north mountains.

There are also cities and places protected by UNESCO that will astonish you at the first site.
One of best known anciet city is Gjirokaster that has a beautiful castle and old roads or paths.

The Albanian Riviera is a new discovery for many travelers, because these places are among the last untouched beaches in Europe. And so on, exploring this magnificent coast, where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet, is a must.

While the south has another beauty, wild beauty of maunatins, in places like Valbone, Theth, Vermoshe etc.


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