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Tourist in Dardha


Tourist in Dardha

If you go in Korca, the village of Dardha is a rare beauty.

It is known that the first visitor who arrives in Dardha will ask for a typical pie. Even if that is a village pride, now in Dardhë only one house is left with this name, and it is Floria’s hospitality house, a 75 years old woman with one of the most modest houses there.

The others, almost all of them, have stories of “important people” of the capital. Rarely have houses remained of old natives. Everyone is gone.

Dardha with the charm of a natural park now has locals “politicians” and names of famous journalists. They have built, sold and donated houses there. These are some of the stories we get from the picturesque village.

Niko is an old native, gone but also returned to his place. Like few others who remember every trace of history in his village!

“I count on a cabbage and a brandy coming here to Pear from all sides,” he says. An agile, energetic, age-challenging guy, Niko accompanies us on this hour-and-a-half trip to the Village of Famous Photographers. The first is Florie`s house, that makes a special pie in the fire stove for tourists.

From there the guide starts, where you can order and then take the cross-country trip to the village. This is a perfect itinerary you will rarely find in a village: history, fame, culture, emigration, people’s fortunes, VIP rumors, rebuilt houses… that the people there just tell you.

They are just memories in pictures.


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