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The inhabitants abandoned agriculture and devoted themselves to tourism.

Residents abandoned agriculture and devoted themselves to tourism. However, the area no longer has the charm of the former terraces, and the inhabitants have moved away from citrus cultivation.

But there tourism is already booming and it is a very favorite area because there are also four small islands in which many tourists from Germany, England, Italy and Greece land. The area has escaped from tall buildings, such as those that have invaded Saranda and is developing mostly family tourism.

However, Ksamil lacks a tourist office to help tourists stay.
Ksamili is characterized by an absolute calm and no policeman catches your eye, although in these summer days in the town there are over 50 thousand inhabitants and vacationers ".

The coastal town with four islands.

The town of Ksamil, 7 km away from Saranda, has been and continues to be one of the most beautiful in Albania. Everything was created by human hands and the work started about 45 years ago.

Ksamil is located in an amazing bay, called “Gulf of Tetransive”, the place is green with necklaces of olives, oranges, lemons and Mediterranean trees.

Ksamil has 4 magical islands, rocky with tectonic origin, or in other words created by the detachments of the earth from the activity of the waters. The entire area of ​​the islands is 9 hectares and in the summer season hundreds of vacationers travel in small boats towards them.

Ksamil was populated in the early ‘70s, with inhabitants coming from different regions of Albania. From 20 buildings that were until 1990, today about 400 buildings have been built, many of which are without permits.

Ksamil represents one of the most frequented coastal resorts during the summer. The town located on the southern edge of the country offers small and clean beaches, among the most beautiful on the Ionian coast.

Ksamili, here is how the city was built after the order of Enver Hoxha.

The birth and development of Ksamil as a new inhabited center is related to the order given by Enver Hoxha in November 1966 for the transformation of the area covered with bushes and rocks, into a large plantation with citrus and olives. This was accomplished within a short time with the voluntary work of 15,000 new shareholders coming from all districts of Albania, some of whom remain forever in Ksamil, becoming the first inhabitants of the town.

Ksamili is now a major tourist center, which offers vacationers a fabulous panorama.


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